Memories of an Old Tech Man

📅 24.05.09 : Old phone memories

The other day I took my Samsung Galaxy Note 9 out of the drawer to update the apps. I have all Google services disabled and Samsung apps in a folder. The only apps I installed are open source from F-droid or other websites. The battery was still around the 75% mark and it drained very little after a few months after the last charge. (My old iPhones don't last long in a drawer) It made me think how much better we had it in 2018 when this phone was released. This was at the top of android phones if you wanted everything. These days, companies give us less and we pay more. How dumb are we to accept this practice.

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The screen is beautiful and brightness works great. (My Pixel 7 has never improved on auto brightness and is a hassle to keep adjusting it.) When I got the Note 9, I also went all in with the Dex dock and Galaxy Watch. This watch is still amazing to use and battery life lasts long. There are features in this phone that still surprise me from the built in blood pressure sensor and fingerprint scanner in the back. Ergonmically and quick unlock is still something I prefer. Dex was amazing at the time, just dock my phone when I got home and continue using it like a computer. I wish manufacturer's still made phones like this for us who appreciate them. Maybe one day as they tried making smaller phones, they might try it again.